Document A - Cliquer sur les verbes conjugués, qui ne sont pas à l'infinitif.

Comment repérer un verbe conjugué même si je ne le connais pas?
terminaison -ed pour les verbes réguliers au prétérit, verbe irrégulier que je connais bien, terminaison -ed pour la voix passive(BE-EN), terminaison -ing pour la voix active (BE-ING), infinitif après un modal.

[The narrator a period of time when he and his twin sister teenagers.]

Our family to a stop in Great Falls, Montana, in 1956, the way many military families to where they to following the war. We'd on air bases in Mississippi and California and Texas. Our mother her degree and substitute teaching in all those places. Our father hadn't been to Korea, but been to desk jobs at home, in the supply and requisition forces. He' d been to stay in because he'd combat ribbons, but hadn't beyond captain. And at a certain point -which when we in Great Falls and he thirty-seven- he the Air Force was no longer him much of a future and, having in twenty years, he to take his pension and muster out.

Each time our family to a new place -any of the far-flung locales- and ourselves into a rented house, and our father on his pressed blue uniform and off to work at some air base, and my mother a new teaching position, Berner and I would to think that this where we'd we from if anyone . We saying the words to each other on our way to whatever our new school each time. "Hello. We from Biloxi, Mississippi.", "Hello. I from Oscoda. It way up in Michigan.", "Hello. I in Victorville." I to learn the basic things the other boys and to talk the way they , pick up the slang expressions, walk around as though I confident being there and couldn't . Berner the same. Then we'd away to some other place, and Berner and I would to get situated all over again. This kind of growing up, I , can you either cast out and adrift, or else it can you to be malleable and dedicated to adjusting -the thing my mother , since she didn't it, and for herself some notion of a different future, more like the one she'd before she our father. We -my sister and I- small players in a drama she to be relentlessly unfolding.