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EUROMILLIONS : for the teachers who don't want to go back to school ...

With 5 numbers per ticket, buying 10 tickets will let you play all 50 numbers between 1 and 50

It will cost you €25€ and there is a 63% chance of hitting 2 numbers whatever the draw

Calc version - Excel version

As you spin the wheel, the drawn numbers will be removed from the wheel to avoid duplicates

First thing to do when you win ;-)


All 50 numbers


12 single lucky stars


All 66 pairs of lucky stars



The world record to guarantee a win at Euromillions is 36 tickets : at least 1 of the 36 tickets will include 2 winning numbers whatever the draw.
For the experts, this system is based on 25,5,2,3=18, a system with 18 tickets which guarantees 2 winning numbers from a selection of 25 numbers

Version A (you have to type in your own numbers) : ODS / XLS

Version B (a random selection is proposed) : ODS / XLS / English Version in XLS

A cheaper version with 24 tickets that guarantee 2 winning numbers 91% of the time whatever the draw :
50050205_24tickets_91pcguarantee.ods / 50050205_24tickets_91pcguarantee.xls

'I picked number 23 and number 24 came out ...' : I was so close - 1 / I was so close - 2


Which numbers played by Europeans are least favoured, so most profitable? : http://www.tirage-euromillions.net/euromillions/statistiques/numeros-moins-joues/

Many other wheels : http://www.theluckygene.com/LotteryWheels.aspx?gid=EuroMillions

All past draws (2004-2019) in one single simplified file : euromillions_draws_2004_2019.xlsx

All past draws with detailed info on Française des Jeux official site (go to bottom of the page) : https://www.fdj.fr/jeux-de-tirage/euromillions-my-million/