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LIT GLOSS Diaporamas sonores ludiques + Listes + Tests sur le vocabulaire de la littérature

Picture 911 Modern Heroes - worksheet

10 Most Popular Superheroes (video worksheet)

24 Superheroes (picture + abilities)

15 superheroes (QCM + identify)

What makes a superhero (Grid of abilities)

8 superheroes (abilities)

10 superheroes questions

Superman versus Batman ( CE + questions)

Captain America 2 pictures + Commentary + Trailer worksheet + Theme VI

Real-life heroes vs Superheroes-CE

Just like this - video/song by Coldplay


Brexit explained in 13 words + Archive avec screenshots et odt

WTF is Brexit? (worksheet) + Vidéo + VideoSTF

This sums it up SO accurately (worksheet) + Vidéo

Taboo Marketing
Jeu en équipe inspiré du jeu Taboo. Il ne s'agit pas ici de faire deviner un mot, il faut deviner le mot)
Diaporama + Minuteur (à placer dans le même répertoire)
New Year's Resolutions
Last Year's Reviews

Logical resolutions+ Diaporama Quiz + Two weeks later + Maisie Williams

Morgan Freeman on 2018 + Video

Quizzes (odp)

emosongs.zip (Titres sous forme de rébus émoticons)

Blind test 24 bands (Noms de groupes avec extraits musicaux)

phonetics_50_artists.odp (Noms d'artistes avec transcription phonétique)

Guns in the US

Guns with history

Parkland : never again

A brief history of the USA

36 screenshots from the cartoon

Dates and events from 'a brief history'

Foil Arms & Hog US immigration test + Video

I have a dream - Martin Luther king

Diaporama sonore + Fichier son

Christmas Ads 2018 Page de compilation Christmas Ads
Funny interviews

Millennial candidate + Video

French Candidate + Video

If dating was like a job interview + Video

Babyboomer interview + Video

The origins of job interviews + Video

Stan LEE (source) gap-filling + vocabulary
Lexique Cinema / Photography cinema shots + cinema vocabulary + shot-types
Evaluation de l'oral enregistré Grille
EXOS INTERACTIFS CO Archive ZIP à décompresser pour une utilisation hors connexion
PHONETICS iRabbit funny commercial + Video
FIRST MAN ON THE MOON Transcript controversy + QCM + CO One Small Step + BIO Armstrong QUIZ

Girls like you

The truth about being a girl (Aija Mayrock)


SCHOOL VIDEOS 12 types of people in class + Types of students in your class
+ Different types of teachers

Anticiper en français le contenu d'un article à partir de son titre

Wheel Decide

WHEELS DECIDE Verbes irréguliers + Numbers + LVA 4 notions


Tableau synthétique + Quiz + Diaporama drapeaux

If dating was like a job interview ...

Vidéo avec sous-titres anglais + Worksheet (avec lien vers vidéo brute)


Morrissons cuts prices

Brexit fears could mean biggest Black Friday discounts

Vinyl album sales out-perform digital downloads

Samsung stops Galaxy Note 7 sales

Amazon customers warned of scam emails

World's first food waste supermarket

Brexit : 40% of US firms could relocate

Unpaid internships could be banned

Brexit : 5,500 restaurants at risk of closing down

How companies plan to keep their employees happy

New Year's resolutions - Michelle HENRY PDF
New Year's resolutions - Pictures PowerPoint
New Year's resolutions - Two weeks later worksheet on funny video
New Year's resolutions - Don't be a Gary worksheet on funny video
New Year's resolutions -Maisie Williams worksheet on video
New Year's resolutions - Site de Michelle Henry Links
New Year's resolutions - Site de la Martinique Links
British Xmas vs American Xmas culture - worksheet on the video
Shape of You a song by Ed Sheeran - worksheet on the video
How NOT to swear vocabulary - worksheet on the video
10 new words vocabulary - worksheet on the video
TV series how to introduce your favourite series
Euromillions Wheel